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Chef Francisco Hernandez, executive chef at Elizabeth's, pictured from the shoulders up.

Executive Chef

Francisco Hernandéz

Francisco Hernandéz, Chef of Elizabeth’s, is revolutionizing the way we eat. Francisco has been cooking for his loved ones since childhood and has crafted a cooking ethic centered around shared experiences and wellness.


Classically trained by Vache K. Benguian, Chef Francisco is a seasoned veteran of the culinary scene in Washington DC. He has worked for the past fifteen years in many DC kitchens cultivating his culinary expertise. Born and raised in El Salvador, Francisco’s cooking is motivated by a sense of love and nourishment. Although his cooking technique is cutting edge, particularly in the realm of vegan cuisine, the most important aspect of his food preparation is the spirit with which he approaches each dish. Francisco has been focused on creating sophisticated, innovative vegan recipes for over twelve years. 

When Chef Francisco started working at Elizabeth’s over a decade ago, very little plant-based cooking alternatives existed. With the original concept of the restaurant being exclusively raw, Francisco’s creativity and skill were tested and perfected. His innovation in plant-based food and ingredients is unparalleled. Francisco’s menus represent an ephemeral experience that is sure to invoke nostalgia and introduce the diner to unforgettable flavors. Blending his classical training in kitchens and self-taught knowledge of molecular gastronomy, Francisco’s seamless immersion into both methods transcends the expected. 

Chef Hernandéz develops seasonal tasting menus that consistently defy his own standards of creativity and imagination. He views his food as art, with vivid colors splashing across the plate, geometric patterns, and consistently evolving artistry in the aesthetics and flavors of his food. Francisco thrives on discovering new ingredients and culinary styles, proving that his imagination and dedication are his greatest assets. Hernandéz is an expert at crafting balanced flavor profiles, remembering to always respect the integrity of ingredients and produce. His menus create lasting memories for each diner through a holistic sensory experience. From your tastebuds to your soul, Chef Hernandéz’s food is unforgettably delicious.


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